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While they were working as training partners, Harry and Nick quickly realised the values they shared concerning both training and nutrition. They agreed that continuing professional development, reading and researching widely to support work with clients was beneficial to all.  They concluded that, if they worked as a personal training team, they would be able to offer clients a wide knowledge-base and double the experience – two heads, it is said, are better than one.

Together, they pride themselves on their ability adapt training programmes to suit each individual’s needs and goals. Whether you train with either one or both of them the process is the same, starting with an initial consultation. This consultation is an opportunity for both client and trainer to get to know one another and ask questions about dietary habits, health & fitness or lifestyle goals.

Their next step is to create the best program possible for each client, built on those three pillars (diet, health & fitness, goals).  If you already have a training routine and favoured training methods, they like to build on those wherever possible to form a new, adjusted programme.  They co-ordinate your new training programme with nutritional mentoring where they look to educate each client on a variety of dieting techniques.  A client’s work and life are also an important consideration, as these will impact on energy levels, particularly where body shaping and posture correction are set as goals.

So, to sum up, Harry and Nick tailor your programme to your needs and draw from a combined breadth and depth of experience to make your training routine the most efficient way of building strength, fitness and well-being.