Online Coaching

Think beyond buying a training plan or diet plan, online coaching is our chance to work together to create the best training program and nutritional strategy for you. With an online coach you’re not alone, you have a problem solver, a cheerleader, a teacher and someone to hold you accountable. With Harry’s educate to motivate approach we want you to never have to diet again, we teach you the principles of your training program and nutritional strategy so you will see the value in your hard work and understand how to maintain your results.

How we work

Each coaching experience is bespoke to you and your needs and goals, the process starts with a phone or video consultation to assess where you are now and where you want to be. From here we can design the first draft of your training program taking into account your schedule, training experience and most importantly what you enjoy! Between the consultation and next conversation clients are required to keep a detailed food diary so we can better understand your current habits, and give you the best advice possible to create the most effective nutritional strategy. Weekly video chats are essential to the process which can be booked to suit your schedule, with email access through each week for advice and support.