Leaner Stronger Transformation


Burn Fat Build Muscle and feel stronger in 8 Weeks, but better yet enjoy and understand the process so that you can maintain your great results. Our next programme will be running from the 24th of September through to the 18th of November 2018. Pre Course meeting will be on the 23rd of September 2018.


Our Aim

I see it far too often when people take part in a programme, get a result, but then ultimately go back to how they were before it. So the important thing for us is that our members enjoy the programme, as the most effective programme is the one you actually complete. But not only that understand the process and learn a new way of doing things so that they may maintain those hard earned results at the end of it. We designed this programme so that anyone can get great results over an 8week period, weather you train at home, at work or at the gym!


We give you a suspension trainer so you can train from anywhere, and 8 progressive workouts to challenge your body and get you moving better throughout the 8-week journey. The aim of the workouts is to feel stronger, look leaner and move better. This is done over a three phase strategy, the first of which uses compound movements and functional exercises to create a platform of good joint mobility and stability as well as increased strength. Phase two is where we start to increase load, intensity and time under tension to further challenge your body and stimulate muscle building, fat burning. Phase three is where we introduce the more advanced exercises to further improve body composition and overall body strength and conditioning.

Nutritional Mentoring

We have taken a flexible dieting approach to the nutrition side of the programme. This is where we calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and times that by your daily activity level to give you a daily calorie goal. By then putting you into a 10-15% deficit we put your body into a fat burning state. We will be looking to guide you throughout your journey using the ‘LST Facebook community’ which you will become a part of. We have used a Flexible dieting approach as this will allow us to still be social throughout the 8 weeks whilst still progressing and avoid slipping back into your old ways after the 8 weeks. Our aim is to increase your knowledge of food so that you can get short term results that you can maintain long term.

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LST Facebook Community

This is a key part of the LST puzzle as this is your point of contact to us and all the other LST members, and we urge you to take advantage of this and learn as much as you can throughout your journey. Instructional videos of all the workouts will be posted in here as well as videos on how to keep your food diaries and keep on top of your nutrition.

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